Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here is a good one :) This razor, while not having a readable name, has a distinctive shape to it. This style was only seen at the end of the 1700's and the early years of 1800, not much past 1820's from what I've been able to gather. The scales are old but no way to tell if they are original, they look like strips of wood with bark attached, kind of makeshift if you will. But they have to many "Fittings" that go with manufactured scales of the time. Lead spacer, iron/steel pivot pin, and the like that suggest period but without a name to research... we up the creek on it. I have decided to try saving these scales and tightening them up and leaving them on this razor. I'm kind of getting used to them now.

I'm trying to upload the video so it can be seen here but so far it's been a failure... 3 earlier attempts lasting up to 6 hours of uploading (each time) has not produced a video Grrr, so hopefully the link will work if this video doesn't load as well....

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