Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time away

Well as you may have guessed I have not been keeping up my blogs, to many things get in the way and I just haven't been thinking about blogging. However today it hit me that I should put a page up and unload some observations.

Not having a job for the past year has kept me from going out looking for new razors and other goodies to feed this hobby. I found that even though I took alot of time off and hid from the forums and such, I still cannot think of ever going back to modern shaving. Heck I have not bought anything new or otherwise for my shave kit and still can shave everyday. Without stocking up on cans O' goo and cartriges you could not do the same with modern shaving gear. Heck out of pocket expensis this year has been well under $10, this year... try that with goo...